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About Us

Welcome to Reliance Solutions INTL Ltd., your number one source for a quality and amazing IT hardware and software. We are dedicated to providing the very best IT software and hardware with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness.

We provide IT solutions and services to Organizations that make use of IT hardware or software as part of their operational tools. We deliver first hand equipment and Business process services to help our clients meet their organizational needs, enhance flexibility and improve performance while keeping the cost low. We are expert in providing cost effective solutions to our clients with innovative network design, a unique suite of services and up to date technological advancement in server hardware. We are the preferred supplier of hardware and software for many leading IT based industries in the world. We ensure our clients cater for tomorrow’s needs today so they can be ahead of their Competitors in the industry

Reliance Solutions INTL Ltd. offers a wide range of IT solutions that include networking, data centre, virtualization and collaboration equipment from Cisco, HP and other top brands to address complex and diverse needs of our clients in the area of IT hardware or software. We have in stock numerous IT products from leading manufacturers around the world.

Our comprehensive and flexible delivery options enable us to distribute products across global locations to align with cost, time, and risk requirements. This flexible and risk free mode of delivery enables our clients to maximize the effectiveness of their purchase – giving them the opportunity to achieve competitive advantage. An ecommerce platform that not only supports its clients at all levels but also provides a true value.

We proudly partner with leading manufacturers and solution providers to deliver the most cost effective, innovative IT solutions available.

What makes us so special?


Reliance Solutions INTL Ltd. only partners with leading manufacturers and solution providers. All IT equipment we sell, along with the software we offer, are guaranteed to give quality user experience and durability that you can count on, and that’s why we called our self “reliance solution”


At Reliance Solutions, while we sell a wide variety of hardware and software, each item is offered at a fantastic value. With our wonderful features, outstanding packages and excellent customer support, we are confident that our prices are affordable and are suitable for your many requirements. We are sure you would be happy with our services and our pricing.


We are a team of professionals and we are sure you can always get it right when you consult us for your IT needs, our expert consultants will go beyond the selling point, and will advise you on the best possible solution for your specific needs to attain maximum end user satisfaction. The added value Reliance Solutions INTL Ltd. offers begins well before the point of sale and even extends beyond it.

Reliance Solutions is your one-stop-platform for all IT products. Our top-tier relationships with leading manufacturers across the globe mean we can offer range of exceptional and sophisticated IT hardware and software at a highly leveraged cost. We are thrilled to be a part of the success stories of many businesses across the world that depends on our product for their businesses. We believe you too can be a part of our success story if you choose to work with us. Pick up the phone and call us, you won't regret it!