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ZyXEL Hotspot Management

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Brand: ZyXEL
Condition: New

Hotspot Management, Perpetual
With prevalence of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement, people are expecting to have networking access regardless of time and location. Hotspots are needed in an increasing number of places such as coffee shops, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and other public areas. What businesses require today is a solution to provide secured network connectivity along with easy access management. ZyXEL's Hotspot Management features Billing System, Walled Garden, Multiple Authentications, Third-party Social Login and User Agreement to provide businesses with a unified solution containing all needed functionalities. With ZyXEL's Hotspot Management, venue owners are able to manage all the network hotspots from one place.

Integrate Billing System
The ZyXEL Hotspot Management includes an advanced billing feature that generates user accounts and passwords for Internet access with just a press on the device button, which relieves receptionists from complicated operations. Pre-paid billing profiles can be customized with various bandwidth speeds, service duration, traffic quota and level of payment, while the Billing System provides a headachefree environment for venue owners.

The ZyXEL Hotspot Management features a Billing System with SMS Ticketing via ViaNett (global SMS provider), which enables venue owners to create different Internet access levels and deliver account information to the customers's mobile phones directly.

Walled Garden and Advertisement
The ZyXEL USG/ZyWALL and UAG Series blocks traffic to the Internet until the users sign up for the service to access another network security level. The "Walled garden" can be referred as an environment for user access control, where users are restricted to certain contents on a Web site and are only allowed to navigate specific areas within. The ZyXEL Hotspot Management utilizes walled garden technology to help venue owners to prevent users from accessing some Web sites. Venue owners can specify certain sites or display advertisements that are accessible without agreeing to the terms. Unauthenticated users are asked to set up an account or enter a password to gain access to the contents, and they are allowed to leave the walled garden only when the authentication is valid.

Multiple Web Authentications
The ZyXEL Hotspot Management supports internal and external captive portal as well as mobile view pages through multiple Web authentication options. Venue owners are able to customize guest login pages with specific welcome messages and access details for internal captive portal usage, or set up links to direct users to external login pages. With multiple authentications, venue owners can easily control and authenticate access to the Internet to provide highly secured guest access to visitors and other users.

User Agreement
ZyXEL's Hotspot Management comes along with a User Agreement feature that supports both internal and external user agreement pages, while the internal user agreement page can retain user information like names, phone numbers, addresses and emails, etc. Once the user agreement is accepted, the customers are granted access to the Internet.

Third-party Social Login
Rather than creating a new login account, ZyXEL have support "Purple WiFi" and "Socifi" third-party social service platform and those service platform will offer end customers a simple way to sign in and share their identity data using the existing login information from social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. The ZyXEL Hotspot Management supports Thirdparty Social Login to makes it easy for Web site and mobile users to register with their existing social network identities as well as to enable facility owners to collect the data for analyzing customer behaviors via Third-party Social Login. With data such as customer interests, activities and media preferences, facility owners can know their customers better and therefore create more relevant xperiences.
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Brands ZyXEL
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Type Hotspot Management
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