ZyXEL E-iCard 2Y AV ZyWALL 110/USG 110

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E-iCard 2Y AV ZyWALL 110/USG 110
To maintain our competitive advantage and market leadership, ZyXEL has taken across-the-board reengineering initiatives such as a customer-centric business model redefinition, sales and support efficiency streamlining, modernization of product lifecycle management processes, and the implementation of our “service excellence” mechanism. ZyXEL is committed to staying ahead of the networking trends and providing the best solutions and services for our customers.

Technological Expertise
ZyXEL prides itself on products and solutions built with leading-edge technology advancements. Our uncompromising investment in R&D has enabled us to maximize our expertise of advanced technologies and develop application-specific requirements for customized products.

Global Experience
With 20 years of experience with the world’s major telecommunication and service providers and over 400,000 enterprise customers, our global experience and success allows us to deliver benefits such as shorter time-to-market directly adoptable by customers.

Product Performance
High quality and reliability are two essential criteria driving all of our products. Green is the fundamental protocol embedded into not only our products but also culture and discipline.

Local-touch Services
In partnership with our worldwide business and service partners, our customers talk to knowledgeable staff, not machines or untrained contractors. Sophisticated resources and human services are offered throughout all our contact points.
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