How can Supercomputers help us find a COVID-19 treatment?


Why Supercomputers?

COVID-19 has played havoc with international society. Everyone is busy finding the true nature of the virus and how it mutates itself. Now two different kinds or strain of corona virus has been found in the U.K. According to scientists, they seem to be more contagious and will increase the number of deaths and hospitalizations in the upcoming year. 

Mare Nostrum, an Amazing Supercomputer

According to the latest study of the Centre for Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, this new kind of corona virus is 57% more transmissible than other kinds of strains of coronavirus. But it is too early to say that these new strains result in more or less severe disease.

This evolution of viruses has created lots of challenges for researchers and scientists. They are facing obstacles in finding the true nature and nomenclature of the virus.  To figure out the complexity of the questions arising from research and experiments, researchers have begun to seek help from supercomputers. MareNostrum, a supercomputer, is one of them. It can perform trillion operations in one second. These supercomputers have already helped on different subjects like gravitational waves and climate change. Supercomputers are more than 1,000 times faster than a regular computer. These supercomputers can be used to perform virtual weapons testing, model climate systems, and simulate nuclear explosions.

How Supercomputers Assist Scientist

 Now, these supercomputers are also helping researchers into SARS-CoV-2.Different research centers are working on supercomputers in this regard. The Centre of Excellence of Computational Bimolecular Research is one of the prime research centers where biophysics, computer science, and biology teams are working collectively to come about with a breakthrough.

Molecular simulations and Integrative modeling are already being implemented in different parts of the World, looking at the properties of diverse viruses in numerous infectious diseases. A scientist working on COVID-19 says that without a supercomputer we are unable to do this. These supercomputers help us in finding things that we could never find in experiments.

Speed and Accessibility of Supercomputers

A key feature is an accessibility, as a result, the attempt to develop widely used and scalable software tools that can bring accurate answers to researchers working on COVID-19 rapidly. Famous Scientists like Erik Lindahl an expert on biophysics, think it will not be long until supercomputers can devise treatments or even a vaccine for such infectious diseases.

Many researchers all over the world are working frantically to find treatment and potential vaccines for the coronavirus that has already killed millions of people.

Covid-19 Tests and Supercomputers

Hewlett Packard Enterprises has developed a supercomputer that will help researchers to find out potential treatments of COVID-19 in a fraction of the time. Now tests can be processed in this supercomputer instead of doing the same test in a test tube. This supercomputer processes in a nanosecond and brings accurate results free from human error.

Fastest Supercomputer and Covid-19

Japan has invented a supercomputer which is considered the world’s fastest supercomputer. According to its manufacturers, it has the capacity and programming to identify treatments of COVID-19. This supercomputer can carry out more than 415 quadrillion computations a second, 2.8 times faster than the Summit system developed by the US.

Powered with artificial intelligence, supercomputers are working with humans to find solutions and treatments for COVID-19. Not only treatments but these supercomputers are also helping Patients affected by pandemic struggling with psychological and neural disorders. 

Supercomputers Help in Complex Computation

ICDS’ supercomputer is also working with those researchers who are struggling with the mutation process of the virus. This supercomputer has an amazing capacity to examine massive amounts of data. It has increased the process of computation by more than 15%.  In this plague, supercomputers can carry out results more rapidly than standard computers.

Therefore, it can be said that supercomputers are playing an integral role in finding treatments of COVID-19 because of their accuracy, speedy, capacity to handle large computation, and rapid response with zero human error.