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Fujitsu S26361-F3631-L202 Internal Fiber interface cards/adapter

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SKU: S26361-F3631-L202

Brand: Fujitsu
Condition: New

QLE2562 dual port 8 Gbit PCI Express 2.0 Host Bus Adapter
Fibre channel Host Bus Adopter (HBA) enable data exchange over large distances. They also extend your existing server system to include communication interfaces so as to use high-speed communication technology. The high-end interfaces allow a transfer rate of up to 8 Gb/s. All the connection options are hot-plug and redundant. The combination of hardware and software illustrates the high-performance quality of communication. The number of system restarts is reduced thanks to optimized software and extended error check functions provide support regarding the information process for your company.
QLE2562 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter
The QLE2562 is a PCI Express, dual port, Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter. The HBA offers the next generation 8Gb Fibre Channel technology, meeting the business requirements of the enterprise data center. A wide range of supprted Operating Systems and certifications for storage devices ensure a broad set of application scenarios. The HBA supplies unrivalled performance by leveraging a single ASIC design and combines a unique hardware architecture to deliver over 200,000 IOPS, a throughput of nearly 1.6 Gb/s, and support for PCI Express x8 bus speeds.
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Brands Fujitsu
Condition New
Interface Interface Cards
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