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Fujitsu Product Support Services - Portfolio Overview
The Fujitsu Product Support Services portfolio is positioned in the Fujitsu ICT portfolio as follows:

In addition to its cutting-edge products, Fujitsu offers standardized Product Support Services that are sold at the point of sale or any time during product life cycle.

The Product Support Services ensure system availability and business continuity of the customer's IT environment. With these offerings we help our customers to save time and money and reduce the burden on internal IT staff. This supports our customers to shift budget spend on operational IT services to strategic initiatives that deliver short-term real business value to their company.

The Product Support Services cover a broad range of products including Fujitsu and Partner branded hardware and software products as well as Fujitsu IT Infrastructures (e.g. Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX) based on Fujitsu hardware. Fujitsu delivers these services through certified support engineers in all major countries where global customers need them.
The comprehensive Product Support Services portfolio contains offerings to
- Assist our customers in the installation of new products
- Provide fast and responsive support for individual hardware and software products. Fujitsu has introduced three standard service levels (up to
- 24 by 7, 4 hours onsite response) that are available worldwide.
- Complement Fujitsu IT Infrastructures (e.g. Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX) through well-adjusted “one stop shop” IT Infrastructure
support offerings for the embedded multiple Fujitsu and Partner branded hardware and software components into account.

In addition to standard reactive service levels such as onsite response and recovery times, Product Support Services encompass optional HDD retention. Reactive services can be augmented by proactive support services elements (such as System Health Check and Technical Account
Management) to even avoid failures and downtimes.

The portfolio comprises the following portfolio elements:

Fujitsu Startup Services Hardware
Startup Services Hardware ensure a quick start for new IT equipment providing installation services for individual products.

Fujitsu Product Support Hardware
Product Support Hardware provides support for Fujitsu and Partner branded hardware products by fault diagnosis (including remote access) and repair or replacement of faulty parts. Additional options are Proactive Support and HDD Retention.
Fujitsu will respond to an incident and solve the fault in accordance with the contracted Service Level Agreement which can be an Off-site Service or an On-site Service with defined Remote Response Time, On-site Response Time and/ or Recovery Time in accordance with the selected option. The proactive services, if included in the selected options, are delivered on a regular basis in accordance with the contracted Service Level Agreement

Fujitsu Product Support Software
This service provides support for Fujitsu and Partner branded software products. It ensures seamless operation of installed software products by fault detection and elimination and comprises the diagnosis of software incidents and the provision of workarounds and/or, if available from the licensor, corrections. Depending on the licensor, corrections can designate individual patches, patch packs or minor releases sometimes called updates or upgrades. The provision of software versions with new functions (often designated major releases) depends on the manufacturers license policy.
If not otherwise agreed, the installation of correction versions and new versions is in the responsibility of the customer and not part of the standard Service Offerings.

Fujitsu Infrastructure Support
For Fujitsu IT Infrastructures based on Fujitsu hardware Fujitsu provides a “one stop shop” support offering for the embedded multiple Fujitsu and
Partner branded hardware and software components. It comprises reactive and selectable proactive services. Its main features are as follows:
- A single point of contact (SPOC) grants our customers easy access to support: There is one contact for the Fujitsu components as well as third party components included in the infrastructure of the related solution.
- The integrated support concept (designated: Technical Solution Support) ensures that the faulty component in the infrastructure is identified by Fujitsu and the fault elimination initiated.
- Infrastructure Support includes reactive support services that solve problems after a failure of the infrastructure as well as
- Proactive service elements, where critical system conditions are detected at an early stage and preventive measures are taken to avoid functional restrictions.

It is important to understand that the application software layer is NOT part of the Infrastructure Support.
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