FSP:G-SW5J460PRE0C - Fujitsu SP 5Y TS SUBundUPGR 9X5 4H RZ

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Brand: Fujitsu
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Support Pack, 5Y, Technical Support, Subscription, Upgrade, 9x5, 4H Respose Time, Remote Response /f ETSF V16 Feature Pack (mgt.and copy) f. DX60 S3 in selected countries in EMEIA
In times of growing complexity and decreasing investments, ensuring early IT planning is essential for setting up a reliable infrastructure. Since inefficient processes and long downtimes can result in tremendous losses, companies need a clear offering that fulfills their business and IT needs in terms of both quality and price.

In addition to cutting-edge products, Fujitsu delivers worldwide maintenance and support services covering your complete infrastructure:

- Support Pack Hardware offerings are the perfect extension to the standard warranty. They ensure the right level of availability with defined response or recovery times and durations of up to 5 years. Internationally consistent service levels are ensured by a worldwide network based on a sophisticated logistics concept for swift delivery of spare parts without hidden cost.
- Support Pack Software offers expert services for diagnosing problems by phone, correcting software, and providing new software releases when available.

Why choose product support services from Fujitsu?

- When purchasing new products, Fujitsu offers a wide variety to deliver both sophisticated products with latest technology as well as comprehensive services to supplement the standard warranty.
- The Fujitsu approach ensures prompt, smooth installation around the world.
- Fujitsu employs standardized support building blocks, adapted to customer needs enabling you to get support in time and around the clock.
- You can extend your standard warranty for a pre-defined response or recovery time, with offerings ranging from a 24 x 7 service desk to onsite service within up to 4 hours.
More Information
Service/Response9x5 Support
Subscription5 Years
TypeSupport Pack
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