FSP:G-SW1AB60PRE0C - Fujitsu Support Pack 1Y 9x5

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Brand: Fujitsu
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1Y, Sub & UPG, 9x5, 4h, f/ ETSF V16 SC Storage Cluster Opt. Tier1 EMEIA
Fujitsu offers support for Fujitsu and Partner branded software products. It comprises the diagnosis of software incidents, the provision of workarounds and/or the right to receive error corrections, updates and upgrades, as applicable. Software support is provided remotely. The availability of error corrections, updates and upgrades as well as the right to receive them depends to the lifecycle policy of the respective licensor and is detailed in the software-specific Technical Appendix to the data sheet.

Fujitsu Support Pack is a product-related service contract with once-only remuneration and for a fixed contract term of 1 up to 8 years. Before expiry, the service period can be extended by purchasing a corresponding follow-on Support Pack.

Fujitsu ServiceContract can, unless otherwise defined, be acquired at any time during the product lifecycle until 12 months before the end-of-service for that product.
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Service/Response9x5 Support
Subscription1 Year
TypeSupport Pack
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