Two of the frontrunners for the modern era of printers are HP and Epson. Both make high-quality products with a slew of capacities. Choosing a printer brand can be difficult. And while they’re both exceptionally prevalent, in some cases, those looking for a printer can struggle to choose between them. Depending on what you’re searching for, each of these printers has its strengths and shortcomings.

Our Epson vs HP printer showdown is here to assist. All-in-one printers promise a lot — Printing! Copying! Scanning! — But finding a multifunction printer that handles all those tasks well may be a challenge. As you shop for a printer, you've likely taken note that a few brands stand out in our reviews and in client evaluations for their quality and amazing highlight sets. Whether you need an inkjet all-in-one printer or a laser printer that handles scanning and copying, the qualities and shortcomings of each brand can educate your choice making. So which brand should you make a beeline for?

Here we'll compare the performance and highlights of both brands to help you come to an informed decision.

HP vs Epson Printers

The contrast between these two brands is that whereas Epson workforce price in UK are higher than HP printers in the first place, but they are more costly in the long-time run that moreover depends upon your utilization of the printer. Whereas Epson printers took a toll more, to begin with, you tend to save cash on printing costs over the long term. Well, both brands have their own merits and demerits. Let’s look at these two brands in a little more detail and compare them to one another.

Text Print Quality

Epson makes printer models that create razor-sharp text, indeed when utilizing their duplexers, permitting them to print on both sides of the document. HP is well-known for its fabulous print quality, in spite of the fact that Epson produces nearly the same condition in a quicker time frame.

If you wish to print PDF documents, both text and graphic quality will be diverse. Epson printers just like the Epson Expression XP-640 are quick, but the edges aren’t well-defined on printed PDFs. Graphics from PDFs are more exact when printed with HP models like HP Envy 5540 or the HP Office-jet 4650.

Copy and Scan Ability

For making copies, you can’t outrun HP models just like the HP Envy 5540 and the HP Office-Jet 4650 for smooth transitions and sharp details. The HP Office-Jet loses a few of its better qualities the more copies it makes, but the HP Envy is steady all the way through. The Epson XP-640 makes the speediest and most honed copies of all the Epson models, as others obscure the longer they copy.

In terms of scanning, HP’s products are steady and solid. Epson’s printers, in any case, have inconvenience scanning PDFs, in specific. The XP-640 has trouble with the edges, creating foggy edges when scanning a PDF report. The WF-2760 must first conduct a preview scan to get it right, which moderates down the overall scanning and copying process.

Photo Prints      

Both Epson and HP inkjet all-in-ones make high-quality clear pictures. Epson printers are incredible at printing photographs with fabulous details and shading, but there's a lot of yellow within the pictures, making them appear somewhat sepia. A few HP printers’ photo capabilities create products with cloudiness, making the pictures to some degree foggy.

Printing Speed

With reference to print speed, both HP and Epson printers perform well. When looking at the rate of printing design, Epson’s XP-640 is about twofold the rate of any HP appears, at 5.1 pages per diminutive compared to the HP Envy 5540 at 2.6 ppm.

Ink Price

The final element when considering what sort of printer is best for your working environment and desires are the cost of the printer ink. Don’t be tricked by the ultra-low costs of a few all-in-one models; whatever cash you spare may soon be spent on costly ink, depending on how much you print.


By and large, as a common rule, we do stick with HP printers in case we were casual, occasional printer and seeking out a cheap printer. In any case, if you are printing regularly and at a decent volume, at that point, it will be more preferred to check out what printers Epson are offering that might suit your needs more. Epson is a great choice if you’re searching for laser printers, Moreover Epson workforce price in UK is also comparatively less. But for inkjet printers, HP still has our vote, as they tend to have a great print speed, and you don’t have to pay a ton for each ink cartridge. All things considered, your choice moreover depends on how much you'll be using your printer and what you’re using it for.