Direct Attached Storage/ Enclosure

Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) alludes to a digital storage system specifically connected to a server or workstation without a network in between. A commonplace DAS system is made-up of an information storage device (for example, enclosures holding several hard disk drives) connected to a computer through a host bus connector, which within the past utilized to be SCSI but these days more regularly e-SATA, SAS or Fibre Channel. The imperative difference between DAS and NAS is only that, between the computer and DAS there's no network device.

Extend and Accelerate Data Access

The direct-attached storage (DAS) enclosures with 12Gb SAS throughput have been designed to work with the 13th era of Power-Edge servers utilizing the most current line of Power-Edge Raid Controller 9 (PERC9) 12Gb SAS HBA cards. Scaling capacity behind imaginative next-generation servers empowers end-to-end 12 GB solutions with uncommon storage adaptability and IO performance for such applications as:

  • High-performance databases
  • Streaming advanced media
  • Storage-intensive applications
  • Coordinate your Data Requirements

With twice the information throughput as past era enclosures and adaptability to blend and coordinate NL-SAS, SAS and SSD drives, the modern DAS offers you a wide variety of alternatives that can fit your correct details.

Oversee and secure with ease

Present-day DAS storage manager software permits you to oversee both the in-server capacity and outside DAS as a single interface, optimizing with the end-to-end 12Gb network. If drives security may be a need, the choice to incorporate self-encrypted drives (SEDs) with drive-level encryption guarantees your information is secure, indeed when the drive is expelled. What's more, the SEDs back moment Secure Delete, which forever expels information when repurposing or decommissioning drives.

Keep your Budget low

Every DAS uses the same hot-swappable drives, fans and control supplies as the 13th era of Power-Edge servers, making a difference you streamline upkeep and minimize the fetched of replacements. The simple design, numerous setups and shared innovation with the have servers helps make today's DAS reliable, cost-effective DAS for essentially any information centre require, counting basic applications such as backup and disaster recuperation storage.

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