C2G 89044 AV transmitter & receiver AV extender

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Short Range HDMI Over Cat5 Extender Kit w / Auto Equalization
The Short Range HDMI over Cat5 Extender kit is an ideal solution for extending HDMI audio/video signals beyond the typical 50 foot length limitation of a HDMI cable. This solution is able to extend HDMI up to 160 feet and requires the use of two Cat5 patch cables. Auto equalization makes installation easy regardless of the length of the Cat5 patch cables used. Simply make the HDMI and Cat5 cable connections and the transmitter and receiver will automatically adjust to optimize the video for the length of cable used. EDID pass through is supported to ensure that content is sent at the optimal resolution for the display. HDCP is supported, allowing protected content to be passed through this extension solution. The maximum resolution supported will vary depending upon the type and length of the Cat5 patch cable.
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