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About Us

Reliance Solutions INTL Ltd, is a leading provider of IT solutions and services to business and public sector organizations. representing a number of industry verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, insurance and internet service providers. We pride ourselves as a premium IT Solutions provider based out of diligence and prudence towards clients’ needs.

IT Hardware

Along with a strong eye on client needs and years of experience in providing hardware from industry leading brands, we have built our name as one of the trusted vendors in the industry. Having portfolio of over 50,000 plus information technology products from all of the leading manufacturers. We specialize in providing networking, data center, and virtualization and collaboration equipment from Cisco and HP and other known Brands.

Software Packages & Licenses

Reliance Solutions INTL Ltd specialize in providing customer centric software licensing and Packages. We can provide Cisco Smartnet, HP Care Pack, for New and OEM refurbished IT Equipment from original equipment manufacturers for IT Infrastructure maintenance and troubleshooting. We understand our clients and their needs as good as possible and help them chose the very best safety options for their businesses that brings them greatest value in the desired budget. In many cases, customers come to us looking to spend more against their requirements and we usually end up saving them a valuable sum of money against a warranty cover that is sufficient for their current and future needs.

We offer customized programs for Volume Licensing that help all size of organizations purchase software licenses tailored to their specific needs. Customers have the options of customizing their software purchases based on organization type, size and purchasing preferences


Technology Partners

Based on our history and long standing relationships with manufacturers and distributors, we have access to a big cluster of valuable resources. Whether it is on a regional or national scale, we have strong rapports, understanding, and experience in dealing with major brands that you are accustomed to utilizing in your IT environment. By working with Reliance Solutions INTL Ltd, you reduce the number of touch points, vendors, PO's, and invoices your organization has to deal with. We represent the top brands of computer hardware and software industry.



Getting a piece of advice from the people who do it everyday matters - you can rely on the team you work with at Reliance Solutions INTL Ltd speak to any of our account managers at Reliance Solutions INTL Ltd for your IT Hardware or software licensing needs and they can take it from there providing your best in class solution based on your brand preference, budget or design choice. We have industry veteran engineers that help you architect data centers - Licensing experts that help you understand which software publisher program is a good fit for your organization.



We do it your way, clients come to us with their very own set of requirements and compliance policies. Our job is to simplify their business transition and help them achieve their goals in an easy-going manner while ensuring that all business objectives are successfully met.


Why Reliance Solutions INTL Ltd is an eminent choice for your technology needs

When looking for a value added reseller, or technology solution provider reliability, experience and integrity are the vital factors which count the most. For more than 20 years total in experience, Reliance Solutions INTL Ltd team of professionals bring flexibility and simplicity to the process of technology consulting, buying and selling.

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